I Am A Artist👩🏾‍🎨

I draw cartoons and make custom designs if youde like one feel free to contact me my prices range from $5-$20.$5 very simple and basic no background (white)$10background color and picture .$15 mostly everything except for cartoon faces style like the 7th and 8th one.Then $20 for custom made things and up.No FULL BODY PICTURES ALL IMAGES SENT MUST BE CLEAR FOR BEST RESULTS.No Rated R images .

Blinded By Love❤️

Part 1

It all started a few years ago 2016 to be precise.I was in a Great Depression because my grandmother had died and things for me weren’t going so well.2016 just wasn’t my year,every time I looked up it was another disaster .Soon I just gave up in life I didn’t want to try anymore ,I became careless and numb. I was loosing friends peoples true side came out my parents were on me my grandma had died everything was already at it’s worse.It got so bad that I didn’t want to have anything to do with anyone and I became highly anti social .On August 24th it was my sisters birthday and she was going to have a party at the skating rink.My Mom begged me to go and get out the house ,but I dreaded going and finally decided to go. When I got they’re I was standing in line with my family paying to get in and I so happen to glance over because I saw this guy.He was really really attractive to me ,but because my self esteem for myself was so low I just told myself I would never have someone like that hey that thought out if your head it’s ridiculous.We then all walked in and I sat with my parents for a while later on I see the guys grandma and sister walk towards us and sure enough it was one of my sisters friends!I was happy but still didn’t think I had any chances of him talking to me.Thoughts clouded my mind so much that I just decided to get up ,I said to myself “just do it !come on don’t be chicken just speak to him”!.I then walked hesitantly towards him but he was with his grandma so I walked past and sat on the other side of the skating rink .I did all of this to get a better view to see if he was really as good looking as I thought when I glanced at him from the corner of my eye ,and he was.It was ALL to good to be true so I sat their on my phone pretending to txt someone so I wouldn’t look like I was staring at him.I glance over again and panicked!”Oh!-My! -GOODNESS!Hes really walking over to me!” My heart stops for a second then beats profusely.I began to sweat ,he asked “Is anyone sitting here?” “No….”Joy filled my heart I couldn’t have been any happier it was the next day of my life.We started to talk and have a conversation I remember sitting their and laughing a lot because of how happy I was to actually have a meaningful conversation with a guy .He soon asked could he have my kik ,and in my head I laughed because no one really used it anymore but it was cute so I gave him my kik.When he left we started to text immediately!Things went so well that he had told all of his friends about me.

Weirdest weirdo😐😳

Ooooooooh how I hate being called weird .😑It makes me so angry .Everyone is different and unique DO NOT categorize people into different sections as in oh she’s weird oh she’s popular like no.Dont do it it hurts people’s feelings.Believe it or not it’s the worst feeling in the world to feel like a outcast so please think before you speak /call someone weird.👀😂 

Speaking my mind❤️☺️

imageAlright here we go I’m going to tell the truth about how I really feel now u prolly rolling yo eyes 👀But wait 🤔Calm down n read 😂.First let’s talk about boys oh my 🙄Y’all boys need to GROW up we are in 9th grade you are becoming a man GROW up stop being childish.what I have been seeing lately is boys dating more than one girl at ounce boys calling girls terrible words and much more.!😐THIS is NOT attractive nor is it acceptable I hate it so much it really bothers me .Scirrrrrrrrr😂Wait now Ik u getting mad but hold up a second I’m not done 😌So chill with me next girls what makes it so bad is that y’all calling y’all selves B’s n other horrible words what is wrong with y’all 😒Stop n think about this because the world has gone MAD !!!image

Having a Boyfriend or Girlfriend 👫

Look it ain’t all that 😂Trust me.The only thing you’ll enjoy is the kissing and hugging n other stuff but other than that it can get kind of boring.Us being in high school well majority of us don’t have cars and majority of us have strict parents of course 😒😂.This means majority of us can’t go see our bf or gf as often as we would like.👫This is why it got boring I wasn’t able to see that person every day we could only talk on the phone and or txt📲📱which got boring after a while.I understand you want to try something new because I did and I enjoyed it A LOT 😩But would have enjoyed it more if I was an adult. So it’s best to wait well it’s good to have experience but other than that just wait.👌Trust me it will save you🚀From heartbreaks 💔💔and crying😭And obsessively thinking about that person and stalking them 😂.scirrrrrrrrr wait lemme stop going a little to far but ummm as I was saying just WAIT 👫You will have all your life to date and one more thing !😂😩please don’t tell a person you love them unless it’s been years !!!!!!!!!😌This is VERY IMPORTANT trust me.we all deserve and want to be loved so just wait on that special person .❤️👫✨❤️✨👫❤️✨👫❤️✨👫❤️✨👫image

Love❤️Or Lust😩

👑ok so Love❤️image or Lust 😩every girl deserves a guy that will love them and not only just lust over them .Ive learned my lesson so let me tell you what not to do.first when you first meet someone this goes for guys and girls don’t I repeat DONT just get hooked on their looks get to know the person.Because when a girl is stuck on looks the relationship won’t last and when the boy is stuck on looks also the relationship won’t last . It will be temporary because let’s say your both going to college and won’t be able to see each other if the relationship is based on only looks then he/she will start to loose interest I wish I would have known what I know now then I wouldn’t have gotten my heart broken so badly .❤️👉🏾💔This is exactly what happened to me 🙄😂except the college part I’m only in 9th grade .So just make sure you like more than just how the person looks.LOOKS WONT GET YOU FAR!🗿✨.image

💥👑Very first blog👑😆

Hey guys 🚶so today ide just like to talk about being different.Dont feel bad 😿because you don’t fit in and don’t think any things wrong with you and defiantly don’t change yourself.FOR ANYONE👿. Recently I used to have a best friend he was with me ever since I was in 6th grade he always had my back at that moment in 6t grade I couldn’t date 😩so we grew up together and now that were in 9th grade were mature and ready👀. Well back in 6th grade he used to always tell me I was to skinny for him and it hurt me he used to compare me to other girls and it lowered my self-esteem .As I got older I changed myself for him thinking it would change how he felt about me 🙄I got thicker 🙄and ate more 🙄just to please him.Well it didn’t no matter what I did it couldn’t satisfy him.To sum it all up don’t change for a person It will hurt you more than before you CAN NOT satisfy people no matter what you do you JUST CANT.💯💯be-you-tiful